Day: 15 April 2020

Reisinger Zsuzsanna

THE NOSTALGIC MOMENT Reisinger Zsuzsanna, born in Budapest, Hungary, is a self-taught photographer. Photography, especially portraits inspired by femininity, is a kind of time travel into which she wants to involve the viewers. She loves to make experiments and learn new techniques. She creates headdresses, hats, and all other accessories with her own hands. Zsuzsanna […]

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Lifo Kim

THE TROPHIES OF LIFE AND DEATH Lifo Kim is an illustrator and tattoo artist based in South Korea. Each illustration features broken objects, burning candles, sacrificial knives, royal skulls, opium pipes or chiseled chess pieces, carefully exposed like the trophies of a cabinet of curiosities. In this place, oriental deities seems to haunt shadows creatures:  […]

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