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Leslie Ann O’Dell

VAMPIRES AND LOST SOULS Leslie Ann O’Dell is a self-taught contemporary artist from Denver, Colorado, who uses photography and digital manipulation to produce haunting portraits. Inspired by the “subconscious, empathy for the wrong, [and] people who dream,” her imagery is both delicate and disturbing. Sensual bodies explode into floral arrangements resembling viscera and dripping blood, […]

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Katina Peeva

MAGIC FAIRY TALES Katina is an artist from Sofia, Bulgaria. She makes amazing creatures out of clay and paper and even creates gorgeous illustrations. “What I love about Bulgaria is the nature, the mountains and the old villages have preserved their authentic spirit. For me, the Bulgarian folklore is a great source of inspiration. I […]

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Normunds Brasliņš

A SEARCH FOR PURITY OF FORM Normunds Brasliņš has mainly turned to figurative painting, especially double portraits. Main themes of his art are women, family and music. The artist has worked also in graphic art (drawings for periodical Literature and Art and the magazine Avots). Normunds Brasliņš art is reflecting his values – ideal beauty, […]

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Mari Shimizu

HAUNTING DOLLS Japanese artist Mari Shimizu‘s gorgeous and haunting doll creations are absolutely captivating. Shimizu is entirely self taught and has been building these dolls since about 2000. Each of her dolls feels as if it is part of it’s own story, a shadowy vision we can only guess at. Some emerge from religious reliquaries, […]

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Alisher Kushakov

COLD PORTRAITS Alisher Kushakov was born in 1988 in Jizzakh (Uzbekistan). Since childhood he has been aspiring to become an artist, like his father Ravshan khurazovich Kushakov. Meanwhile he was working as an interior decorator. By 2014 he had recalled of his dream and decided to leave his work and eventually become an artist. For […]

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Adriana Bermúdez

A MEMORY OF FASCINATING CONNECTIONS Adriana Bermúdez: “I work in collage because it allows me to combine images, objects and any element of my everyday life, resignifying the memories and I give a happy ending to everything that surrounds me. I like to make assemblages that combine technology with traditional elements of analog collage: wood, […]

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