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Tanja Jeremić

DIGITAL COLLAGES AND MOTION GRAPHICS Tanja Jeremić is visual artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. She creates digital collages and motion graphics by combining old photos she finds with contemporary styles. Her work is mainly composed of few unrelated elements from old photographs in which she recognises her thought. She filters those photographs through her personal […]

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Luis Toledo Laprisamata

EACH ATOM OF COLOR ARE CREATING A VAST UNIVERSE Life, identity, reality, status quo, intention and purpose. From very young, the look of Luis Toledo explored the inquisitive reality, analyzing the hidden meaning of every image, dissecting the mystery of beauty. Death, spirituality, necessity, beginning and end. Death is just one more step in which […]

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Lilia Mazurkevich

LIFE IS CURIOUS The Lilia Mazurkevich unique style of hyper-realism and subject matter offer a glimpse into a world of intrigue and imagination, often incorporating an incredibly subtle vein of humour, unrivalled in complexity. “In my art I am trying to depict the variety of character and appearance in people which amazes me. I am […]

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Sail a.k.a. Useless Arm

A MAGICAL REALISM “Everything is beautiful, even the ugly,” observes Sail, an artist operating under the curious handle, “Useless Arm”. His paintings are as moody as they are playful, depicting solitary figures bedecked in flowers and masks and pierced by arrows. Various cultural and literary references can be seen throughout—most notably, Asian aesthetics—but Sail’s characters […]

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Afarin Sajedi

THEATRICAL PORTRAITS Afarin Sajedi was born in Shiraz, Iran. She has several motifs she enjoys portraying; however, whether she is depicting following her Japanese inspiration, her clowns, or her theatrical characters, she mostly portrays women. Afarin Sajedi’s stunning paintings are characterized by a central figure on a plainly coloured background, which is often cut by […]

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Kebba Sanneh

POINTILLIST ILLUSTRATION Paris based artist and designer Kebba Sanneh creates unique pieces of art with a subtile dark mood. After studying at the Gobelins School and working as a designer and art director, he started to focus on illustration. With a very personal style mixing pointillism and drawings, surrealism, digital collage and animation, Kebba Sanneh […]

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