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Julia Kovaleva

STORIES WITHOUT WORDS Julia Kovaleva was born in Russia. “My drawings are part of a dark world where kindness and sadness also exist. All my life I dreamed of becoming an artist and being able to translate my ideas on paper. I draw with mechanical pencils and sometimes use Photoshop. My goal is to become […]

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A LIGHT IN BLACK AND WHITE Soman is a freelance illustrator in the Republic of Korea: “The light that glitters and then disappear, light that bursts, and light that becomes cloudy. The light that remains in my memory is drawn in black and white.” [Source: Behance] Discover more about Soman on Behance ALL IMAGES © […]

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Francesca Dalla Benetta

IDENTITY IN TRANSFORMATION Francesca Dalla Benetta: “My work is characterized by mixed anatomies and forms. Human faces and bodies are combined with different textures, skins and elements, giving birth to hybrid beings. Through my characters, I study the issues of transformation, identity, sense of belonging, self perception, dreams, and magic. I move to Rome in […]

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Nora Bilderwelten

EXPRESSION AND EMOTION Nora Bilderwelten: “My passion for portrait refers to this depth of the human being. Everything I create is the result of a miscellany drawn from an existential quest, which is increasingly conscious of my inner self, my being, my experiences and that is what I want to convey through my creativity. My […]

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Vladan Nikolic

CARICATURES AND BLACK HUMOR Vladan Nikolić is a versatile creator. He shines as a cartoonist, illustrator, painter, animator and graphic designer. In his caricatures and illustrations, Nikolić discovers the truth about our contemporary society. He is a cool assessor of the situation and committed resistance fighter, but never crosses the line of lasciviousness, does not […]

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Pablo Santibáñez Servat

A COEXISTENCE OF TIME The work of Pablo Santibáñez Servat is a magical synthesis of occidental and indigenous visuals intrinsic to the Americas. Born in Uruguay to Chilean parents of European and Native American descent, the artist himself is a uniquely American amalgamation. Santibáñez Servat often weaves ancient symbols with contemporary images as though no […]

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