Category: Collage


Eugenia Loli

NO STYLE, ONLY SOMETHING VISUAL Eugenia Loli: “I’ve been a (terrible) nurse, a computer programmer, a (rather successful) technology journalist, and a filmmaker. In April 2012, after I had just finished an animated music video, I decided to try collaging after the knowledge I gathered from making the animation. I don’t believe that artists should […]

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Paul Justelius-Wright

FRACTURED EMOTIONS For the Australian artist Paul Justelius-Wright, the collages signify human identity, and the uncovered emotions underneath are a collection of memories, moments and characteristics. Fragments of the same face seen through different perspectives are accumulated together. Each piece holds a certain emotion, from curiosity, anger, disgust and happiness which allows the artist to […]

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Rebeka Elizegi

THE FLYING FIGURES OF REBEKA ELIZEGI The handcrafted works of Rebeka Elizegi, a collage artist based in Barcelona, Spain, come in varying sizes and scopes. The artist says that she’s often fascinated by what the observer interprets from her surreal works, with much of the visuals intentionally garnering differing takes. “I have dedicated many years to working with this […]

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Ravi Zupa

PRIMITIVE AND ICONIC IMAGERY All of Ravi Zupa’s images are drawn and painted by his hand. He considers books the best way to experience art and has spent decades studying art from cultures and movements that span history and originate from nearly all geographical regions. Being entirely self-taught, he looks for inspiration in works by […]

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Alexey Kondakov

CLASSICAL FIGURES IN MODERN LIFE Kyiv-based artist Alexey Kondakov uses surrealistic documentary photography to superimpose figures from classical artwork into everyday scenes of modern life. He is renowned for his Photoshopped collage series in which Kyiv, Ukraine served as the backdrop for characters from old world masterpieces. The artist merges the past and the present, […]

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Guillaume Maraval

HYBRID COLLAGE Guillaume Maraval: “My work is an incongruous mix of hybrid collages, surrealist shifts between contemporary and retro styles, addressing the casual vanity of the passing of time, often around female figures, animal forms, and religious symbols. Borrowing from baroque or vintage aesthetics, this work stages and questions with irony individual identities in the […]

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