Category: Collage


Susana Blasco

VINTAGE ARTIFACTS Found objects marry with the lived-in aesthetic of vintage artifacts. Spanish artist, Susana Blasco, crafts her 2D work mixed with real-world 3D objects in an amazing display of humorous art. Visually clever, each photograph is never too contrived. The artist’s fascination with photos and the happenstance morph into a new image. Blasco’s routine […]

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Pawel Pacholec

EMPHASIS AND AESTHETICS Pawel Pacholec: “I work with collage technique putting much emphasis on composition and esthetic outcome where each element is placed carefully into position. I have been exhibited in many countries and been published in different magazines. I have studied arts in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (Poland). My influences are […]

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Michael Waraksa

AN ORGANIZED DISORDER Michael Waraksa’s collages are best described as organized disorder. The elements are laid out in complement to a recurring grid backdrop, but although there is an unexpected harmony that ties them all together, they are spread across the page with an arbitrary but intentional chaos. Waraksa uses many disparate pieces, taken from […]

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Mar Cantón

THE LUMINOUS SIDE OF MAR CANTÓN “I was born in Almería. I learnt about Art by creating Art. I am self-taught. A cronic and degenerative disease has kept me away from the marketplace and Art – in all its forms – is undoubtedly my best therapy as well as my Life, past, present and future. […]

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Axel Rangel Garciá

SURREAL AND FLEETING DREAMS Axel Rangel García is an Illustrator based in Mexico City. He collaborated since 2005 in various publications and for several publishers in Mexico and internationally such as: Columbia Journalism Review, Politico Europe, New Era, Forbes Mexico, Macmillan, Arab News, Point Five Design among others. [Source: Behance] Discover more about Axel Rangel […]

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Adriana Bermúdez

A MEMORY OF FASCINATING CONNECTIONS Adriana Bermúdez: “I work in collage because it allows me to combine images, objects and any element of my everyday life, resignifying the memories and I give a happy ending to everything that surrounds me. I like to make assemblages that combine technology with traditional elements of analog collage: wood, […]

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