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FROM VICTORIAN ERA TO THE PIN-UP ART Undisputed protagonists of Handiedan‘s sculptural digital and hand-cut collages, her artwork immediately recall the burlesque genre, with the female subject looks like something in between an orientally adorned femme fatale from a film noir, a sexually joyful pin-up from a 1950’s calendar and a tattooed rockabilly gal. However […]

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Diego Max

ART AND ANATOMY The art of Diego Max highlights the strong relationship between two aspects, art and anatomy. Excited with the medical illustration and the anatomical images found in books, Diego manages to transcend the magnitude of the human body into a fascinating brand new universe and lead us to a unique enchantment. Inspired by […]

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Anthony Gerace

NO SYSTEM, NO SYSTEMATIZATION… Anthony Gerace is a Canadian artist residing in London. His work is primarily concerned with the effect of time on objects and images: “Collage is, traditionally, a medium resistant to systems. The overarching conceit of the form, that of taking images of the past and reconfiguring them into new artworks, seems […]

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Oscar Varona

A TRANSGRESSIVE NARRATIVE STYLE Oscar Varona is a writer and a collagist from Madrid, Spain. Influenced by transgressive narrative styles and little conventional, he published his first book of stories, Tremolo in 2003. He has written several novels and some of his stories have been included in various international journals: The New Yinzer (USA, 2009), Mondo […]

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José Ignacio Fernández

A NEW WORLD WITHOUT REASON José Ignacio Fernández is a graphic designer who displays his art under the pseudonym For Better Days. With his impulsive spirit, revives the past in each? One of his works to discuss the future and create a new world where the logical axes of reason disappear. From a stack of […]

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Iván Rod

NEW REALITIES Iván Rodriguez aka Iván Rod, designer and digital graphic artist, passionate about the collage, photomontage, and photo manipulation, this techniques being able to mix, in a crazy way, small pieces of history and images apparently disconnected to offer us new realities, new interpretations, that can result wonderfully absurd and shocking, dreamlike or surreal, […]

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