Category: Digital Art


Michal Mozolewski

DISTORTED PHOTOGRAPHS Combining photography and painting, Polish-based artist Michał Mozolewski creates intriguing portraits of mysterious-looking subjects. The effect that the artist’s technique has on the mood of the work is dramatic. Diffused and distorted photographs combined with Mozolewski’s erratic marks make for a haunting and grotesque portraits that are dreamlike at the same time. There’s […]

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Paul Justelius-Wright

FRACTURED EMOTIONS For the Australian artist Paul Justelius-Wright, the collages signify human identity, and the uncovered emotions underneath are a collection of memories, moments and characteristics. Fragments of the same face seen through different perspectives are accumulated together. Each piece holds a certain emotion, from curiosity, anger, disgust and happiness which allows the artist to […]

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Mariana Palova

A DEVOTION TO THE ASTROLOGIC ENVIRONMENT Mariana Palova is a young Mexican woman born in 1990. She finds in the positive, living and colorful metamorphosis her own cosmogony essence. She plays with the transformation and the influence of experiences, surrounding herself of an aura, and having special devotion to the nature elements, analogies, the substitution, […]

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Marcela Bolívar

A MYSTICAL ESSENCE Marcela Bolívar‘s photo illustrations have a light touch — the figures and surrounding flowers, plants and fabrics appear to billow in the wind, as if they might be blown away at any moment. Sticking to a mostly pale color palette, Bolivar gives her characters an elegant essence. We see them morphing and […]

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Adam Nigro

A TASTY LIFE Based in Montréal, Canada, Adam Nigro is a commercial advertising photographer specializing in food, beverage and product imagery. Adam’s visual style is characterized by a bold, colourful signature combined with thoughtful staging, meticulous lighting, and oftentimes a hint of sarcasm to create images that leave a lasting impact on the viewer. Drawing […]

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Gianluca Gambino aka Tenia

THIS WORLD OF ILLUSION Gianluca Gambino a.k.a. Tenia: “My works are ruthless radiographs of the soul, compositions dense with symbols and layers, prepared to leave the viewer disturbed, restless and intrigued by the mystery. I try to evoke and to transmit to the viewer that feeling of loss that we live today in this world […]

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