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Nora Bilderwelten

EXPRESSION AND EMOTION Nora Bilderwelten: “My passion for portrait refers to this depth of the human being. Everything I create is the result of a miscellany drawn from an existential quest, which is increasingly conscious of my inner self, my being, my experiences and that is what I want to convey through my creativity. My […]

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Javier Molina Barrios

TO BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN PHOTOGRAPHY AND PAINTING Javier Molina: “I realise that my unconscious effort is to bridge the gap between traditional photography and traditional painting. The operative words here are ‘traditional’ and ‘bridge the gap’. An art critic placed this final estate into the category of Magic Realism, a term which is commonly […]

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Buket Akboyun

THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF HUMANS Buket Akboyun: “In my works i mostly try to showcase the spiritual side of humans and help them feel more connected to their own spirit. In the end of the day i believe we all come from an energy source and i try to highlight that in my artwork.” Discover […]

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Andrey Surnov

A COMPASSIONATE REALISM In the modern art of neorealism of the era of metamodernism, a mood is clearly captured, which is gradually becoming mainstream. I would call this direction the art of intimate reality or the art of compassionate realism. Andrey Surnov is his bright and consistent representative. It is unlikely that someone before Andrey […]

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Michael Waraksa

AN ORGANIZED DISORDER Michael Waraksa’s collages are best described as organized disorder. The elements are laid out in complement to a recurring grid backdrop, but although there is an unexpected harmony that ties them all together, they are spread across the page with an arbitrary but intentional chaos. Waraksa uses many disparate pieces, taken from […]

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Mar Cantón

THE LUMINOUS SIDE OF MAR CANTÓN “I was born in Almería. I learnt about Art by creating Art. I am self-taught. A cronic and degenerative disease has kept me away from the marketplace and Art – in all its forms – is undoubtedly my best therapy as well as my Life, past, present and future. […]

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