Category: Painting

Alejandro Pasquale

A SYMBOL OF ESCAPE For Alejandro Pasquale, the mask is a symbol of escape, of liberation, enabling the detachment from reality and the entrance to a new world, of the mind, which is depicted in an idealized form of nature, in luxuriant environments and timeless spaces. The artist explains the process of creation: “On the […]

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Jesús Aguado

CHILDHOOD NIGHTMARES Jesús Aguado’s paintings are steeped in symbolism and pay homage to historical artworks and traditions. Painted in a classic style, his paintings represent dream worlds, each with a unique narrative and voice. His surreal compositions are a feast for the eyes full of bold colors and a myriad of animals, plants and creatures, […]

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Normunds Brasliņš

A SEARCH FOR PURITY OF FORM Normunds Brasliņš has mainly turned to figurative painting, especially double portraits. Main themes of his art are women, family and music. The artist has worked also in graphic art (drawings for periodical Literature and Art and the magazine Avots). Normunds Brasliņš art is reflecting his values – ideal beauty, […]

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Alisher Kushakov

COLD PORTRAITS Alisher Kushakov was born in 1988 in Jizzakh (Uzbekistan). Since childhood he has been aspiring to become an artist, like his father Ravshan khurazovich Kushakov. Meanwhile he was working as an interior decorator. By 2014 he had recalled of his dream and decided to leave his work and eventually become an artist. For […]

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Iyan De Jesus

NYMPH-LIKE CYBORGS Self-taught artist Iyan De Jesus – or Leah Anne De Jesus – softens the metallic edge of steampunk with pliant alabaster skin. Holding court against a background of mechanical complications are nymph-like cyborgs – more human than robot – whose dignified expressions hide stories rooted in mythology, literature, snatches of song, and fleeting […]

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URBAN AESTHETICS Fin DAC – or Finbarr DAC – is a self-taught, non-conformist urban artist who has defined and perfected an atypical spray paint style he has dubbed Urban Aesthetics. Hailing from Cork city (Ireland), he has paved a singular path through the global urban art scene whilst keeping his gallery output deliberately minimal: preferring […]

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