Category: Pastel


Barnaby Whitfield

Barnaby Whitfield’s portraits are rendered with acidic shades of chalk pastel as if illuminated by a strange, disorienting light source. His characters’ pallid skin glows with an almost fluorescent shade of white and the wrinkles, bruises, and redness on their faces is especially accentuated. Their vulnerability manifests in the form of physical scars. Whitfield’s men […]

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Claire Wendling

When Claire Wendling won the prize ‘Alph’Art future’ at the Festival of Angoulême, she then joined Editions Delcourt participating in two anthologies, The Children of the Nile and Entrechats. In 1990, Claire Wendling began her first graphic novel series, Lights of Amalou, written by Christopher Gibelin. In 1997 she was hired by Warner Brothers and […]

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