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Marco Franco

MYSTERIOUS GODDESSES Marco Franco is an illustrator and tattoo artist who lives in Milan. “Potnia” is an ancient Greek word for “mistress, lady” and a title of a goddess. The word was inherited by classical Greek from Mycenean Greek with the same meaning and it was applied to several goddesses. Discover more about Marco Franco […]

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KNIFE, SPRAY-CANS, PAPER AND WOOD Mittenimwald prefers working in a small garage, on canvas and other supports. He defines his work as not art but simply craftsmanship and graphic expertise. To work, he uses a knife, spray-cans, rolls of paper and wood to create extremely detailed, hand cut stencils that he places on ground coated […]

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Gustavo Rimada

CONTEMPORARY SURREALISM AND MEXICAN CULTURE Gustavo Rimada’s paintings are full of bold colors, stylized skulls and faces with high cheekbones and sharp eyes. “It’s sort of a blend between contemporary lowbrow and modern, and it’s starting to take more of a surreal aspect,” Rimada said. “I’ll start presenting it as surrealism now — a contemporary […]

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Ramon Maiden

FULLY TATTOOED Ramon Maiden re-appropriates vintage illustrations from postcards, calendars, and various prints to transform them into fully tattooed characters and subjects with a mere ball-point pen. By painting over these old images, the artist offers a glimpse into the power of the invisible, using everything from Vargas pin-ups to religious prints depicting Saints and […]

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