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A CHAOTIC BEAUTY Mengus: “I find great satisfaction in using black ink as primary resource, whether digital or traditional, as it allows me to pay more attention to details, textures and shapes. I think that the passion for the little things is an important part of my work, I really enjoy when someone sees my […]

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Pawel Pacholec

EMPHASIS AND AESTHETICS Pawel Pacholec: “I work with collage technique putting much emphasis on composition and esthetic outcome where each element is placed carefully into position. I have been exhibited in many countries and been published in different magazines. I have studied arts in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (Poland). My influences are […]

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Javier Molina Barrios

TO BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN PHOTOGRAPHY AND PAINTING Javier Molina: “I realise that my unconscious effort is to bridge the gap between traditional photography and traditional painting. The operative words here are ‘traditional’ and ‘bridge the gap’. An art critic placed this final estate into the category of Magic Realism, a term which is commonly […]

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Alicia McFadzean

A COLOURFUL DANCE BETWEEN REALISM AND ABSTRACTION Working under the moniker Cheeky Observer, Alicia McFadzean is a contemporary artist originally from Australia, now based in South Africa. Magical in flavour, Alicia works across a variety of media to produce fine art, murals, and letter-centric artworks. Guided heavily by her imagination, she draws inspiration from intangible […]

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Judy Drew

A CONTEMPORARY POST-IMPRESSIONISM Her passion for the Post-Impressionism period and the influence of Japanese art in the late 1880’s, along with her creative sense of colour and form, allow Judy Drew to create beautiful and modern work, even though Judy’s work is contemporary she retains a touch of sentiment in all her pieces. Her rich […]

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Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

DUPLICATE FEATURES Based in Chiba, Yoshitoshi Kanemaki carves small, disturbing forms that allure to the duality he finds. “Looking deep into the world in which we live, we realize that everyone holds hesitations or contradictions that can never be reconciled”, he says. And so he attempts to project those emotions onto his sculptures, which he […]

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