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Alice Lin

DISCORDANT ELEMENTS AND INTERTWINES Illustrator Alice Lin uses watercolor and pigment on rice paper and silk to create intricately detailed worlds. Human and animal figures are enveloped in pastel-toned bursts of swirling flowers, mushrooms, oceans, and rock formations. “It’s about exploring the internal and external, about the relationships between the two; self and surroundings; human […]

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Carlos Fdez

A METAPHOR TO THE EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STRUGGLES Carlos Fdez – aka Penrider – is draftsman working out of Spain, known for his meticulously rendered graphite artworks that often intertwine the kingdoms of human and animal in the forms of witty narratives. Often, these stories can be found to represent both an internal and external […]

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Susana Blasco

VINTAGE ARTIFACTS Found objects marry with the lived-in aesthetic of vintage artifacts. Spanish artist, Susana Blasco, crafts her 2D work mixed with real-world 3D objects in an amazing display of humorous art. Visually clever, each photograph is never too contrived. The artist’s fascination with photos and the happenstance morph into a new image. Blasco’s routine […]

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Julia Kovaleva

STORIES WITHOUT WORDS Julia Kovaleva was born in Russia. “My drawings are part of a dark world where kindness and sadness also exist. All my life I dreamed of becoming an artist and being able to translate my ideas on paper. I draw with mechanical pencils and sometimes use Photoshop. My goal is to become […]

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A LIGHT IN BLACK AND WHITE Soman is a freelance illustrator in the Republic of Korea: “The light that glitters and then disappear, light that bursts, and light that becomes cloudy. The light that remains in my memory is drawn in black and white.” [Source: Behance] Discover more about Soman on Behance ALL IMAGES © […]

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Francesca Dalla Benetta

IDENTITY IN TRANSFORMATION Francesca Dalla Benetta: “My work is characterized by mixed anatomies and forms. Human faces and bodies are combined with different textures, skins and elements, giving birth to hybrid beings. Through my characters, I study the issues of transformation, identity, sense of belonging, self perception, dreams, and magic. I move to Rome in […]

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