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Afarin Sajedi

THEATRICAL PORTRAITS Afarin Sajedi was born in Shiraz, Iran. She has several motifs she enjoys portraying; however, whether she is depicting following her Japanese inspiration, her clowns, or her theatrical characters, she mostly portrays women. Afarin Sajedi’s stunning paintings are characterized by a central figure on a plainly coloured background, which is often cut by […]

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Mélanie Bourget

ENAMELED AND MYSTERIOUS WOMEN Mélanie Bourget’s work focuses on the human being. She creates figurative sculptures in a contemporary yet a little offbeat style, oscillating between realism and fantasy. Then she subjects them to the raku technique. Big busts of women with crazy hairstyles, mysterious and dreamy little characters are in a few words the […]

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Eugenia Loli

NO STYLE, ONLY SOMETHING VISUAL Eugenia Loli: “I’ve been a (terrible) nurse, a computer programmer, a (rather successful) technology journalist, and a filmmaker. In April 2012, after I had just finished an animated music video, I decided to try collaging after the knowledge I gathered from making the animation. I don’t believe that artists should […]

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Michal Mozolewski

DISTORTED PHOTOGRAPHS Combining photography and painting, Polish-based artist Michał Mozolewski creates intriguing portraits of mysterious-looking subjects. The effect that the artist’s technique has on the mood of the work is dramatic. Diffused and distorted photographs combined with Mozolewski’s erratic marks make for a haunting and grotesque portraits that are dreamlike at the same time. There’s […]

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Rafael Varona

A CHAOTIC LIFE, WITH A SENSE OF ORDER Some years ago, artist Rafael Varona caught the world’s attention with a series of animated GIFs that depicted magical worlds trapped inside tiny glass bottles. The success of the “Impossible Bottles” series led to a number of new illustration gigs, and Varona eventually moved from Berlin to […]

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Emzari Kiknavelidze

A NEW STORY SOMEWHERE DEEP INSIDE The interest to Emzari Kiknavelidze’s work can be largely explained by unusual style and genre orientation of his paintings. The artist brings to the contemporary art entirely new pictorial variations. Of course, the origins of his art have national roots: “I think that such paintings can only be made […]

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