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Alejandro Pasquale

A SYMBOL OF ESCAPE For Alejandro Pasquale, the mask is a symbol of escape, of liberation, enabling the detachment from reality and the entrance to a new world, of the mind, which is depicted in an idealized form of nature, in luxuriant environments and timeless spaces. The artist explains the process of creation: “On the […]

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José Ignacio Fernández

A NEW WORLD WITHOUT REASON José Ignacio Fernández is a graphic designer who displays his art under the pseudonym For Better Days. With his impulsive spirit, revives the past in each? One of his works to discuss the future and create a new world where the logical axes of reason disappear. From a stack of […]

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Santiago Caruso

A SYMBOLISM DEDICATED TO FANTASY Santiago Caruso is a symbolist artist of an avant-garde language, standing out for the vigor of its poetry and technique.  Dedicated to the fantastique, among his most important illustrated books you can find: Jane Eyre (Folio Society), Los Cantos de Maldoror (Valdemar), El Rey de Amarillo, El Horror de Dunwich, […]

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