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Amanda Mason

A SENSE OF STORYTELLING Amanda Mason is a freelance photographer and designer working in Sydney, Australia. She creates dream-like, evocative images using expired Polaroid films and new instant films from The Impossible Project. Amanda creates and shoots created scenarios, sometimes whimsical, sometimes twisted, but always intriguing and with a sense of storytelling. Inspired by nature, […]

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VLAD Stankovic

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF STRANGE ANIMALS Combining both digital and traditional tools, VLAD Stankovic admits he’s more fond of the latter, employing watercolors, colored pencils, and markers. “With the use of traditional techniques I kind of get the results I want in the fastest and most fun way,” he says. The finishing touches are added digitally. The […]

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Gill del Mace

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Gill del Mace: “I came across a Twentieth Century art movement, and I found this art fascinating, and the very name ‘Magic Realism’ conjured up visions from my past. A past influenced by weird and wonderful people, tattooed ladies, contortionists, clowns and movie people, and all seen as a child.” [Source: Print decor] […]

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Dale Keogh

TERROR AND SADISM Dale Keogh is an australian artist who makes dark, surreal and bizarre illustrations. Using black backgrounds and dark colors, Keogh portrays women in extreme situations. Influenced by hentais (japanese pornographic animations), the artist shows us women struggling with tentacles, crustacean claws, spiders and other creatures. Keogh’s illustrations mix terror, sadism and surrealism. […]

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Paul Justelius-Wright

FRACTURED EMOTIONS For the Australian artist Paul Justelius-Wright, the collages signify human identity, and the uncovered emotions underneath are a collection of memories, moments and characteristics. Fragments of the same face seen through different perspectives are accumulated together. Each piece holds a certain emotion, from curiosity, anger, disgust and happiness which allows the artist to […]

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Beau White

NIGHTMARISH IMAGERY AND ABSURDISM Beau White is an Australian hyperrealist and figurative oil painter who uses nightmarish imagery and absurdism to explore the darker side of the human condition: “I have been interested in illustrating absurd, grotesque and distastefully humorous images since primary school. There is nothing particularly philosophical about my art in the conceptual […]

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