Tag: Belarus

Lilia Mazurkevich

LIFE IS CURIOUS The Lilia Mazurkevich unique style of hyper-realism and subject matter offer a glimpse into a world of intrigue and imagination, often incorporating an incredibly subtle vein of humour, unrivalled in complexity. “In my art I am trying to depict the variety of character and appearance in people which amazes me. I am […]

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Andrei Buryak

REFLECTION OF SUBLIMINAL IMAGES The artworks of Andrei Buryak have a solid foundation. Drawing, coloring and unrestricted vision of composition – all these elements form the core of artist’s craftsmanship. The balance of shade, hue and color is his specialty. They always are ascetic in combination and dedicated to the entire concept of the creation […]

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Vladimir Golub

A SYMBOLIC-ALLEGORICAL PAINTING Vladimir Golub was born in the small city of Slutsk, Belorus. He entered the easel painting department of Belorusain Academy of Arts. At the very start of this career, Golub, like many of this contemporaries, experienced the expansion of the official soviet art on the one hand, and the emasculation of late […]

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