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Bruno Vergauwen

TO TOUCH SOMEBODY PERSONALLY Bruno Vergauwen’s art is haunting and surreally gorgeous. His images beckon a part of the psyche that has long been forgotten or out of touch. Looking through Bruno’s catalogue implores the observer to attempt to create something – the work literally tells us to “explore life, try creating something to really […]

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Nicolas Fong

HYPNOTIC CARTOONS Nicolas Fong is a Belgian illustrator and animator. He studied at La Cambre arts visuels and he worked for the animation studio Sinematik, collaborating in the making of music videos and animated series. Nicolas creates also GIFs: they are a mix of animation and cartooning, between humor and macabre. Skulls, snakes and tongues […]

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Hidden Velvet

VICTORIAN COLLAGES Hidden Velvet was born in Brussels, Belgium and spent her childhood surrounded by books, in her little bubble of dreams, creating stories and characters. She’s a self-taught collage artist, influenced by old movies, Universal Monsters, German expressionism, Edgar Allan Poe, the Victorian Era, Gothic architecture, antique photographs, poetry and paintings. [Source: the Hidden […]

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Eddy Stevens

LOOKING AT OUR OWN SHADOW Eddy Stevens explores an unconscious fantasy world. His work is about a unique touching between human and human, person and person, someone and someone else. He says, “it’s as if it’s not only me who’s inventing the idea, it’s as if I’m looking at my shadow.” Appreciating the high tradition of […]

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