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Cleopatra Drosopoulou

A GEOMETRICAL PERCEPTION “I was born in Athens, Greece where I live and work. I showed an inclination towards painting from an early age. I mostly concerned with painting and illustration. In my artworks, the details, the geometric and psychedelic pattern are the dominant features. Also my palette includes a variety of colours as well […]

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Anna Pantelia

A COMMITTED PHOTOGRAPHER Anna Pantelia is a Greek photojournalist. Her work is focusing in immigration and political issues in Europe. For the series ‘Recycle’, Anna Pantelia‘s creative digital art portfolio is composed of a series of striking portraits coexisting with underlying landscapes. These moody black and white portraits intertwine with superimposed landscapes and architectural photographs. […]

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Eugenia Loli

“I’ve been a (terrible) nurse, a computer programmer, a (rather successful) technology journalist, and a filmmaker. In April 2012, after I had just finished an animated music video, I decided to try collaging after the knowledge I gathered from making the animation. I don’t believe that artists should ‘find their style’. That’s artistic death. If […]

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