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Francesca Dalla Benetta

HYBRID BEINGS Francesca Dalla Benetta is an Italian sculptor based in Mexico. After 10 years working as a makeup artist in the film industry, Benetta is now a dedicated full-time artist. His work is characterized by anatomies and mixed forms. Faces and human bodies are combined with different textures, skins and elements, giving rise to […]

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Axel Rangel Garciá

SURREAL AND FLEETING DREAMS Axel Rangel García is an Illustrator based in Mexico City. He collaborated since 2005 in various publications and for several publishers in Mexico and internationally such as: Columbia Journalism Review, Politico Europe, New Era, Forbes Mexico, Macmillan, Arab News, Point Five Design among others. [Source: Behance] Discover more about Axel Rangel […]

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Javier Marín

THE MAJESTY OF EMOTION Javier Marín is a Mexican sculptor. During his artistic beginnings he used only clay, but shortly after, he began incorporating​ bronze and experimenting with new materials. Polyester resin mixed with various organic ingredients like tobacco, soil, amaranth seeds, rose petals and dry meat fibers became familiar aspects of his work. His […]

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Alan Padilla

QUE VIVA MEXICO ! Born in Hidalgo, Estado de Mexico, Alan Padilla moved to the United States. He started drawing when he was a young man. He acquired his talent from his mom who was a painter and his dad who worked as an architect. As a teenager, Alan had a rebel spirit and even […]

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Irving Herrera

THE “CLOUD PEOPLE” OF OAXACA Something ancient. And mystical. Something familial. And familiar. Those somethings whisper from the state of Oaxaca, 300 miles south of Mexico City, where the Mixteca people, once the major players in Mesoamerica, built a thriving civilization whose name means “cloud people” in the indigenous language of Nahuatl. It is from […]

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TO BREAK DOWN WALLS Edgar Flores, aka Saner, paints in a small upstairs room in his suburban enclave outside Mexico City, where light pours in from a wall of windows. He has painted murals and participated in exhibitions everywhere from Morocco to Arkansas, combining contemporary Mexican and ancient Aztec and Mayan iconography with local history […]

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