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Angelika Ejtel

A NEW BEING IN EACH PORTRAIT Angelika Ejtel: “I consider my photographic creation as a poetic experience in which I drown and infuse myself and, as a result, it gives me the feeling that I am reborn with each portrait into a new being. Although, all of my photographs are self-portraits, they shouldn’t be necessarily […]

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Agnieszka Nienartowicz

THE SELF-MYSTERY OF THE HUMAN Agnieszka Nienartowicz’s main interest is the human and that what is around them. Attempting to penetrate their world, she tries to catch the intimacy and self-mystery in simple situations, gestures and glances. Intrigued by the moment of boundary between the original and the reproduction, in realism she finds the way […]

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Irina Urumova

BEYOND THE PHYSICAL SURFACE « My photographic work is an exploration of urban existence, marked by impermanence and transience; it is a journey beyond the physical surface and into the dreamier and darker aspects of a mind shaped by living in a city. Following the approach of aleatoric art, my photography is premised on the […]

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Marta Orlowska

A DIFFERENT WORLD FROM EVERYDAY REALITY Marta Orlowska is a Polish artist that has had a keen interest in art for many years using different mediums such as pencil, charcoal, acrylics, oil, mosaics and more to express her unique artistic vision. Now using the camera and Photoshop as the next tools, she exploits them to […]

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Michal Mozolewski

DISTORTED PHOTOGRAPHS Combining photography and painting, Polish-based artist Michał Mozolewski creates intriguing portraits of mysterious-looking subjects. Pictures of people are scanned into the computer and later remixed and using a variety of methods. They are set against dark backgrounds and the black and white base images have gestural strokes painted over top of them. The […]

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Anna Wypych

FIGURATIVE OR SYMBOLIST PAINTER? “I take Inspiration from what I see around me, but my personal thoughts are only the starting point and inspiration for the research on the man and his condition.” Anna Wypych’s works of art transcend the commonplace, to enter the realm of the otherworldly. The starting point of her work and […]

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