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Alisher Kushakov

COLD PORTRAITS Alisher Kushakov was born in 1988 in Jizzakh (Uzbekistan). Since childhood he has been aspiring to become an artist, like his father Ravshan khurazovich Kushakov. Meanwhile he was working as an interior decorator. By 2014 he had recalled of his dream and decided to leave his work and eventually become an artist. For […]

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Ariadna Sysoeva

DYNAMIC LINES AND FORMS Ariadna Sysoeva has a truly creative approach to the figurative design in her work. She has a keen talent for extending the natural movements of the human form to instil a sense of movement and energy. By playing with the proportions of various parts of the body, stretching out the lines […]

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A MYSTERIOUS ARTIST This anonymous artist combines textbook science imagery with an Art Nouveau style with to achieve a strangely romantic look at the human form. FFO Art gives us little information about who he or she is but responds actively to questions and answers if you become curious to know more. I will leave […]

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Vladimir Fedotko

A BURLESQUE ROMANTICISM Talented Russian photographer Vladimir Fedotko lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he was born. He has been mastering the profession of the painter, photographer and romantic parasite at different periods of his life. Vladimir Fedotko became familiar with Photoshop started in 2005. Since then, the artist has combined traditional drawing, […]

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Marina Richterová

A MEDIEVAL FANTASY Marina Richterová was born in Moscow where she later attended French lyceum and a secondary decorative art school, studying miniature and icon. She has illustrated several books. Some of the most successful and remarkable ones include Shakespeare’s King Lear and Sonnets. [Source: Artodyssey] Discover more about Marina Richterová in Secret Lexicon and […]

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Slava Fokk

PHANTASMAGORIA COMBINATIONS Slava Fokk developed an interest in the aesthetics of surrealism; allusions, paradoxical and phantasmagoria combinations began to prevail in his work. Furthermore, the artist found himself in the merger of neoclassicism and modern art. Slava Fokk created a series of paintings in art deco style and his passion for the German painter, Otto […]

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