Category: Animation


Henn Kim

BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASIES Henn Kim describes her illustrations as “beautiful dark twisted fantasies.” And they are. She depicts powerful stories using just black and white lines, juxtaposing objects in unusual ways. Some themes reappear, such as nature, space, relationships and hazy depictions of young women. Henn’s ability to capture complicated emotions in her illustrations […]

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The Richard Balzer collection

A TRIBUTE TO EARLY ANIMATIONS Since first stumbling onto an early type of image projector called a magic lantern, Richard Balzer became instantly obsessed with early optical devices, from camera obscuras and praxinoscopes to anamorphic mirrors and zoetropes. Based in New York, Balzer has collected thousands of obscure and unusual devices such as phenakistoscopes, one […]

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Tanja Jeremić

DIGITAL COLLAGES AND MOTION GRAPHICS Tanja Jeremić is visual artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. She creates digital collages and motion graphics by combining old photos she finds with contemporary styles. Her work is mainly composed of few unrelated elements from old photographs in which she recognises her thought. She filters those photographs through her personal […]

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Xaviera López

A PERSONNAL INNER JOURNEY Xaviera López is a Chilean Artist and Animator. She has stretched the limited possibilities of short format videos through meticulous hard work and visual flair, producing linear animations of simplified self-portraits inspired by her personal inner journey: “In my work, I show the process through which I figure things out, which […]

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Isabel Chiara

DISPLACEMENT AND CONFUSION Isabel Chiara: “Humor is a defining aspect of my work, it helps me express my perception of the world, the problems that concern me as a woman and artist, and makes bearable those things against which I rebel against. Displacement and confusion: that is the idea. I like to think of collage […]

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Celsius Pictor

A PARALLEL WORLD Inspired by the work of old engravers and Max Ernst, Celsius Pictor uses collage to bring to life a parallel world that revolves around forgotten techniques mixing the primitive mechanics before the digital world, medieval histories, mythology, forgotten worlds and nature. Their collages are meticulous and have the perfection of the work […]

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