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Afarin Sajedi

THEATRICAL PORTRAITS Afarin Sajedi was born in Shiraz, Iran. She has several motifs she enjoys portraying; however, whether she is depicting following her Japanese inspiration, her clowns, or her theatrical characters, she mostly portrays women. Afarin Sajedi’s stunning paintings are characterized by a central figure on a plainly coloured background, which is often cut by […]

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Emzari Kiknavelidze

A NEW STORY SOMEWHERE DEEP INSIDE The interest to Emzari Kiknavelidze’s work can be largely explained by unusual style and genre orientation of his paintings. The artist brings to the contemporary art entirely new pictorial variations. Of course, the origins of his art have national roots: “I think that such paintings can only be made […]

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Sarah Dolby

HAUNTING AND ROMANTIC WOMEN Sarah Dolby’s work has always been character driven and combines traditional portraiture with narrative. The haunting, romantic women of her Gothic paintings are often famous literary figures including Ophelia and Mary Shelley, or more recently, fairy tale archetypes. Dolby’s characters are immediately dazzling in their power and beauty, but on closer […]

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Kenne Grégoire

IN THE COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE “Painting is the utmost devious and inefficient way to capture your ideas and emotions. But exactly that, the deviousness and many limitations that come with it, make the outdated art of painting so intriguing.” The Art of Kenne Grégoire contains next to still lives also buildings, landscapes and theatre shows from […]

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Lifo Kim

THE TROPHIES OF LIFE AND DEATH Lifo Kim is an illustrator and tattoo artist based in South Korea. Each illustration features broken objects, burning candles, sacrificial knives, royal skulls, opium pipes or chiseled chess pieces, carefully exposed like the trophies of a cabinet of curiosities. In this place, oriental deities seems to haunt shadows creatures:  insects, […]

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Agnieszka Nienartowicz

THE SELF-MYSTERY OF THE HUMAN Agnieszka Nienartowicz’s main interest is the human and that what is around them. Attempting to penetrate their world, she tries to catch the intimacy and self-mystery in simple situations, gestures and glances. Intrigued by the moment of boundary between the original and the reproduction, in realism she finds the way […]

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