Category: Painting


Alice Lin

DISCORDANT ELEMENTS AND INTERTWINES Illustrator Alice Lin uses watercolor and pigment on rice paper and silk to create intricately detailed worlds. Human and animal figures are enveloped in pastel-toned bursts of swirling flowers, mushrooms, oceans, and rock formations. “It’s about exploring the internal and external, about the relationships between the two; self and surroundings; human […]

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Nora Bilderwelten

EXPRESSION AND EMOTION Nora Bilderwelten: “My passion for portrait refers to this depth of the human being. Everything I create is the result of a miscellany drawn from an existential quest, which is increasingly conscious of my inner self, my being, my experiences and that is what I want to convey through my creativity. My […]

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Pablo Santibáñez Servat

A COEXISTENCE OF TIME The work of Pablo Santibáñez Servat is a magical synthesis of occidental and indigenous visuals intrinsic to the Americas. Born in Uruguay to Chilean parents of European and Native American descent, the artist himself is a uniquely American amalgamation. Santibáñez Servat often weaves ancient symbols with contemporary images as though no […]

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Alicia McFadzean

A COLOURFUL DANCE BETWEEN REALISM AND ABSTRACTION Working under the moniker Cheeky Observer, Alicia McFadzean is a contemporary artist originally from Australia, now based in South Africa. Magical in flavour, Alicia works across a variety of media to produce fine art, murals, and letter-centric artworks. Guided heavily by her imagination, she draws inspiration from intangible […]

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Judy Drew

A CONTEMPORARY POST-IMPRESSIONISM Her passion for the Post-Impressionism period and the influence of Japanese art in the late 1880’s, along with her creative sense of colour and form, allow Judy Drew to create beautiful and modern work, even though Judy’s work is contemporary she retains a touch of sentiment in all her pieces. Her rich […]

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Liu Baojun

WOMEN SMOKING Born in China’s north-east Liaoning province, Liu Baojun has become a rising star in mainland China’s contemporary art scene. Liu Baojun’s work typically features portraits of Chinese women. But if you are imagining “petite” women striking delicate, ladylike poses then you would be very mistaken. The women in these images anything but “petite” […]

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