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Carlos Fdez

A METAPHOR TO THE EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STRUGGLES Carlos Fdez – aka Penrider – is draftsman working out of Spain, known for his meticulously rendered graphite artworks that often intertwine the kingdoms of human and animal in the forms of witty narratives. Often, these stories can be found to represent both an internal and external […]

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Julia Kovaleva

STORIES WITHOUT WORDS Julia Kovaleva was born in Russia. “My drawings are part of a dark world where kindness and sadness also exist. All my life I dreamed of becoming an artist and being able to translate my ideas on paper. I draw with mechanical pencils and sometimes use Photoshop. My goal is to become […]

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A LIGHT IN BLACK AND WHITE Soman is a freelance illustrator in the Republic of Korea: “The light that glitters and then disappear, light that bursts, and light that becomes cloudy. The light that remains in my memory is drawn in black and white.” [Source: Behance] Discover more about Soman on Behance ALL IMAGES © […]

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Vladan Nikolic

CARICATURES AND BLACK HUMOR Vladan Nikolić is a versatile creator. He shines as a cartoonist, illustrator, painter, animator and graphic designer. In his caricatures and illustrations, Nikolić discovers the truth about our contemporary society. He is a cool assessor of the situation and committed resistance fighter, but never crosses the line of lasciviousness, does not […]

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A CHAOTIC BEAUTY Mengus: “I find great satisfaction in using black ink as primary resource, whether digital or traditional, as it allows me to pay more attention to details, textures and shapes. I think that the passion for the little things is an important part of my work, I really enjoy when someone sees my […]

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Judy Drew

A CONTEMPORARY POST-IMPRESSIONISM Her passion for the Post-Impressionism period and the influence of Japanese art in the late 1880’s, along with her creative sense of colour and form, allow Judy Drew to create beautiful and modern work, even though Judy’s work is contemporary she retains a touch of sentiment in all her pieces. Her rich […]

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