Category: Drawing

Sail a.k.a. Useless Arm

A MAGICAL REALISM “Everything is beautiful, even the ugly,” observes Sail, an artist operating under the curious handle, “Useless Arm”. His paintings are as moody as they are playful, depicting solitary figures bedecked in flowers and masks and pierced by arrows. Various cultural and literary references can be seen throughout—most notably, Asian aesthetics—but Sail’s characters […]

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Kebba Sanneh

POINTILLIST ILLUSTRATION Paris based artist and designer Kebba Sanneh creates unique pieces of art with a subtile dark mood. After studying at the Gobelins School and working as a designer and art director, he started to focus on illustration. With a very personal style mixing pointillism and drawings, surrealism, digital collage and animation, Kebba Sanneh […]

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Irving Herrera

THE “CLOUD PEOPLE” OF OAXACA Something ancient. And mystical. Something familial. And familiar. Those somethings whisper from the state of Oaxaca, 300 miles south of Mexico City, where the Mixteca people, once the major players in Mesoamerica, built a thriving civilization whose name means “cloud people” in the indigenous language of Nahuatl. It is from […]

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So PineNut

DARK TALES Tokyo artist So PineNut’s stirring drawings pull from spiritual influences. Often referencing figures and narratives from the Bible, the works carry darker Judeo-Christian themes rendered with both ancient and contemporary characters. The artist’s practice includes these graphite works, plus painting, graphic novels, printmaking, pottery, and more. [Source: Hi Fructose / Andy Smith] Discover […]

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Bruno Vergauwen

TO TOUCH SOMEBODY PERSONALLY Bruno Vergauwen’s art is haunting and surreally gorgeous. His images beckon a part of the psyche that has long been forgotten or out of touch. Looking through Bruno’s catalogue implores the observer to attempt to create something – the work literally tells us to “explore life, try creating something to really […]

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Marina Richterová

A MEDIEVAL FANTASY Marina Richter was born in Moscow where she later attended French lyceum and a secondary decorative art school, studying miniature and icon. She has illustrated several books. Some of the most successful and remarkable ones include Shakespeare’s King Lear and Sonnets. [Source: Artodyssey] Discover more about Marina Richterová in Secret Lexicon and […]

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