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A CHAOTIC BEAUTY Mengus: “I find great satisfaction in using black ink as primary resource, whether digital or traditional, as it allows me to pay more attention to details, textures and shapes. I think that the passion for the little things is an important part of my work, I really enjoy when someone sees my […]

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Judy Drew

A CONTEMPORARY POST-IMPRESSIONISM Her passion for the Post-Impressionism period and the influence of Japanese art in the late 1880’s, along with her creative sense of colour and form, allow Judy Drew to create beautiful and modern work, even though Judy’s work is contemporary she retains a touch of sentiment in all her pieces. Her rich […]

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Ekaterina Kovzus

SYMMETRY AND EXAGGERATION, GROTESQUE BUT REALISM Ekaterina Kovzus: “The most important thing in my philosophy as an artist and as a person is the need to constantly change, look for something new and apply it. No fear, just madness and courage! many of my works are still based on various abstract fantasies that I develop […]

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Xaviera López

A PERSONNAL INNER JOURNEY Xaviera López is a Chilean Artist and Animator. She has stretched the limited possibilities of short format videos through meticulous hard work and visual flair, producing linear animations of simplified self-portraits inspired by her personal inner journey: “In my work, I show the process through which I figure things out, which […]

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Lucy Hardie

DEATH AND DARKNESS AS CATALYST FOR TRANSFORMATION Lucy Hardie is an Australian artist best known for her meticulously rendered ink drawings on cotton paper. Through a devotion to the creation of beauty, a fascination with death and darkness as catalysts for transformation and new life, and the portrayal of story and symbol as a means […]

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Bruno Vergauwen

TO TOUCH SOMEBODY PERSONALLY Bruno Vergauwen’s art is haunting and surreally gorgeous. His images beckon a part of the psyche that has long been forgotten or out of touch. Looking through Bruno’s catalogue implores the observer to attempt to create something – the work literally tells us to “explore life, try creating something to really […]

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