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Francesca Dalla Benetta

HYBRID BEINGS Francesca Dalla Benetta is an Italian sculptor based in Mexico. After 10 years working as a makeup artist in the film industry, Benetta is now a dedicated full-time artist. His work is characterized by anatomies and mixed forms. Faces and human bodies are combined with different textures, skins and elements, giving rise to […]

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Ania Tomicka

AN AWAKENING IN THE LAST LIGHT Ania Tomicka was born in Łódz, Poland. When she was only 9 she moved to Italy, where she started to draw seriously: manga at first and realistic things afterward. She attended an art institute and during the school years, she starts to paint with oil colors, a technique that […]

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Dennis Ziliotto

COMBINATION OF BIZARRE AND FANTASY Dennis Ziliotto shares that “taking pictures has become something that goes beyond the simple realization of images”. With the idea that “photography can gently whisper a story or irreverently scream it,” Ziliotto gives us a taste of everything this medium has to offer. His photos can be daring and odd […]

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Bruno Walpoth

A TIME OF ABSENCE Italian artist Bruno Walpoth creates unbelievably lifelike sculptures of people with wood. All at once, they mimic the textured imperfections of humans and give a figurative spirit to the trees from which it came. The sculptor uses semi-translucent paint to coat his sculptures to ensure that the wood grains are visible. […]

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Giulio Rossi

A POP AND ICONIC WORLD Technical skills may be the must, but only passion makes the difference. The Italian graphic designer Giulio Rossi, working on his studio in L’Aquila , is no doubt a flow of passion, and his works have gained international momentum. After his initial experiments with acrylic paint, ink and charcoal, this […]

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Andrea Baiardo

AN ENTOMOLOGY MANIAC AND PLANT LOVER Andrea Baiardo, aka Subliquida, is an italian self-taught artist, entomology maniac, curiosities collector, plant lover and passionate gardener. Due to his incredibly strong bond with every aspect of the natural world, he started drawing at a very young age. He set free his wild spirit and vivid imagination, neglecting […]

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