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Nora Bilderwelten

EXPRESSION AND EMOTION Nora Bilderwelten: “My passion for portrait refers to this depth of the human being. Everything I create is the result of a miscellany drawn from an existential quest, which is increasingly conscious of my inner self, my being, my experiences and that is what I want to convey through my creativity. My […]

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Julia Plath

ATMOSPHERIC SCENES Julia Plath: “Like most children, I did a lot of drawing, most of which were excerpts from everything I loved: fairy tales of fantasy animals and mermaids. I began to try to draw as realistically as possible. I describe my style as dreamily melancholy, atmospheric scenes. As nostalgically reflected aesthetics. I often try […]

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Max Löffler

A MOODY SURREALISTIC UNIVERSE Wrapped in a moody surrealistic parallel universe, Max Löffler’s – or Loeffler – illustrations can be seen as a sullen and bitter smirk towards the obscurity, monotony and ferocity of everyday life. His work does not give plausible answers, but tries to ask significant questions such as; are you hurt, what’s […]

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Rafael Varona

A CHAOTIC LIFE, WITH A SENSE OF ORDER Some years ago, artist Rafael Varona caught the world’s attention with a series of animated GIFs that depicted magical worlds trapped inside tiny glass bottles. The success of the “Impossible Bottles” series led to a number of new illustration gigs, and Varona eventually moved from Berlin to […]

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Rike Kellermann

AN ABSTRACT VISION Rike Kellermann is a young artist from Cologne, Germany. She combines traditional painting with digital photography and digital painting, usually in an abstract way. For Rike, art is the best way to express herself and that is why most of her work is inspired by own emotions and feelings. She developed a […]

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Paul Neberra

A SARCASTIC PAINTING Paul Neberra is from Mainz (Germany), where he spent part of his childhood, moving with his family to Portugal in the 80’s. At first glance some of Neberra’s works look like paintings of the classic Era, but it is in the details that we understand more contemporary aspects. You can spot UFO’s, […]

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