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Marcela Bolívar

A MYSTICAL ESSENCE Marcela Bolívar‘s photo illustrations have a light touch — the figures and surrounding flowers, plants and fabrics appear to billow in the wind, as if they might be blown away at any moment. Sticking to a mostly pale color palette, Bolivar gives her characters an elegant essence. We see them morphing and […]

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Julian de Narvaez

SWINGIN’ FAIRY TALES Julian de Narvaez is an illustrator from Bogotá, Colombia. He begins his drawings in pen and China ink, gradually assembling and colouring the images digitally. This process lends his illustrations a contemporary, eclectic feel, though with a surprisingly fine, traditional quality. This quirkiness is sought after for its engaging richness. He earned […]

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Alejandro García Restrepo

Who can save the human soul?Alejandro García Restrepo is an illustrator from Medellín, Colombia. Alejandro’s photorealistic drawings explore mystery, death and the spirit world and are a sight for sore eyes. “In every moment of the history there has been responsible of caring the human soul. The serene philosopher, the supplicant nun and two shaman […]

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Mateo Pizarro

Mateo Pizarro’s tiny graphite drawings are scarcely larger than the length of a match but contain enough detail to suggest entire stories, both surreal and terrifying. The Colombian artist refers to these as his Micro-Barroque series, and while the images shown here seem focused on the incredible detail contained in small spaces, Pizarro also explores […]

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Randy Mora

Randy Mora is attracted to the romantic idea of rescuing things forgotten, daily paraphernalia out of context, and giving them a new purpose in new surroundings. “That’s what excites me the most about collage. When I face a work made out of diverse elements, I have the urge to get closer and just touch it. […]

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