Category: Sculpture


Jessica Harrison

TATTOOED OR MACABRE BUT DELICATE As part of a new body of sculptural work, artist Jessica Harrison has created a series of delicate porcelain figurines depicting idealized women in ball gowns, with one glaring difference from the collectibles found in your grandmother’s curio: each sculpture is covered neck to wrist in ornate sailor tattoos. This […]

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Katya Guseva

TEMPERAMENTAL DOLLS Katya Guseva: “ The characters of my dolls are inspired by my childhood memories, impressions of traveling to different places, meetings with friends…It is a special language which helps me express my thoughts and my attitude towards this life… Thanks to the art of making dolls I have found an opportunity to apply […]

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Jessica Stoller

A BEWILDERING FEMINITY Jessica Stoller uses clay and the grotesque as a vehicle to explore the constructed world of idealized femininity, gathering imagery across cultural lines and histories. The clay is sculpted, draped, carved, woven, and piped to create a wide range of bewildering effects. Porcelain is her primary medium, a historically weighted material that […]

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Gerard Mas

AN ANACHRONISTIC CLASSICISM The sculptor Gerard Mas Pujolràs studied at The Llotja Advanced School of Art and Designs, Barcelona, specializing in sculpture and stone carving. The realistic forms of his characters, usually inspired by the great classical artists, show discreetly anachronistic attitudes, creating a tension that surprises the viewer. His works in resin show the […]

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Mélanie Bourget

ENAMELED AND MYSTERIOUS WOMEN Mélanie Bourget’s work focuses on the human being. She creates figurative sculptures in a contemporary yet a little offbeat style, oscillating between realism and fantasy. Then she subjects them to the raku technique. Big busts of women with crazy hairstyles, mysterious and dreamy little characters are in a few words the […]

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Liu Xue

HYBRID BEINGS Chinese sculptor Liu Xue combines a human with an animal, creating a hybrid being. Each being has a human head with animal appendage (or appendages). A man is merged with a pig, a woman with a chicken, a man with a dog, and more.The result is something we haven’t seen before, one that […]

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