Category: Sculpture


Francesca Dalla Benetta

HYBRID BEINGS Francesca Dalla Benetta is an Italian sculptor based in Mexico. After 10 years working as a makeup artist in the film industry, Benetta is now a dedicated full-time artist. His work is characterized by anatomies and mixed forms. Faces and human bodies are combined with different textures, skins and elements, giving rise to […]

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Mark James Porter

A MYSTERIOUS, NONSENSICAL, AND HUMOROUS WORLD When he was about five years old Mark wanted to grow up and become a dinosaur, he changed his mind a short while later and decided he wanted to be a fire engine! Upon discovering that he was in fact a human being, and could not change his physical […]

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Juliette Clovis

THE CYCLE OF LIFE Juliette Clovis explores the ambivalence of the human being in his relationship with the nature that surrounds him. The reflection around the presence of human in the world, which results in the progressive destruction of the natural environment, is objectified by the artist in her sculptures where fauna and flora seem […]

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Mari Shimizu

HAUNTING DOLLS Japanese artist Mari Shimizu‘s gorgeous and haunting doll creations are absolutely captivating. Shimizu is entirely self taught and has been building these dolls since about 2000. Each of her dolls feels as if it is part of it’s own story, a shadowy vision we can only guess at. Some emerge from religious reliquaries, […]

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Carole Loillier

THE GRACE AND THE UGLINESS Carole Loillier, sculptor under the pseudonym “K”: “It’s in stone that I discovered volume. A few years ago, clay imposed itself on me for practical reasons, bringing me by its qualities a new way of understanding sculpture. And if the strength and the tonicity of the forms are more difficult […]

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Bruno Walpoth

A TIME OF ABSENCE Italian artist Bruno Walpoth creates unbelievably lifelike sculptures of people with wood. All at once, they mimic the textured imperfections of humans and give a figurative spirit to the trees from which it came. The sculptor uses semi-translucent paint to coat his sculptures to ensure that the wood grains are visible. […]

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