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Reisinger Zsuzsanna

THE NOSTALGIC MOMENT Reisinger Zsuzsanna, born in Budapest, Hungary, is a self-taught photographer. Photography, especially portraits inspired by femininity, is a kind of time travel into which she wants to involve the viewers. She loves to make experiments and learn new techniques. She creates headdresses, hats, and all other accessories with her own hands. Zsuzsanna […]

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Peter Zelei

BEAUTY AND CRUELTY For Hungarian photographer Peter Zelei, there is no “black and white” when it comes to humanity: “I believe  we are a very complicated mix of good, bad, darkness and light,” he explained in an interview with Citizen Brooklyn. His photographs are filled with beauty and cruelty, with scenes and scenarios that simultaneously […]

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Mate Ferge

OVERLAPPING GEOMETRIC SHAPES Vienna-based painter Mate Ferge breaks up the anatomy into a series of overlapping geometric shapes. His unique technique breaks the sensual clean and curved lines of the feminine anatomy in a series of geometrical forms to create women’s fascinating portraits. [Source: Juxtapoz Magazine] Discover more about Mate Ferge in Artmate ALL IMAGES […]

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