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Xaviera López

A PERSONNAL INNER JOURNEY Xaviera López is a Chilean Artist and Animator. She has stretched the limited possibilities of short format videos through meticulous hard work and visual flair, producing linear animations of simplified self-portraits inspired by her personal inner journey: “In my work, I show the process through which I figure things out, which […]

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Daniela Kovačić

THE BEAUTY IN THE BIZARRE The portrait as a way to explore the principal problematic of the contemporary world, the face as a form of expiation and redemption. The artist Daniela Kovačić Muzio uses her own face as principal subject in paintings: neither happiness, nor sadness, she is not even furious. What the paintings looks […]

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Juana Gómez

HAND EMBROIDERY AND PHOTOGRAPHY Chilean artist Juana Gómez’s hand embroidered photographic canvases combine the spheres of scientific exploration with ancestral tradition. Weaving complex scientific and mythological patterns onto images of both her own and her daughters’ bodies, her work is interested in placing mankind within a broader context of interconnectivity. Rather than seeing us as […]

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Guillermo Lorca

VIOLENCE AND INNOCENCE Guillermo Lorca García-Huidobro’s paintings are of figurative and baroque style and sometimes he even uses original techniques of the great masters such as Velázquez, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Lucian Freud… This young painter is mixing magic with realism in his paintings, in an effort to interpret a “sense of death and eroticism” manifested by […]

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