Tag: Bulgaria

Katina Peeva

MAGIC FAIRY TALES Katina is an artist from Sofia, Bulgaria. She makes amazing creatures out of clay and paper and even creates gorgeous illustrations. “What I love about Bulgaria is the nature, the mountains and the old villages have preserved their authentic spirit. For me, the Bulgarian folklore is a great source of inspiration. I […]

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Toni Kondev

METAPHORICAL COMPOSITIONS The paintings of Toni Kondev are a contemporary combination of romanticism, symbolism, with a rather challenging realism. The lines are exquisite, the compositions are quite metaphorical with a special conceptual orientation. There is a fiction that coexists with a bruised reality and the symbiosis awakens complex feelings in the viewer. But above all, […]

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Katia Chausheva

A DEEP AND HAZY VEIL The Bulgarian photographer Katia Chausheva dips her lens beyond the patina of standardized beauty. She invites us to immerge ourselves in the deepest and most intimate dimension of women, which often results in obscurity, which Katia interprets with great technical control of the entire photographic process. A cloudy glass, a […]

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