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Maya Kulenovic

THE DEFINING AND DESTROYING ELEMENTS Whether with portraits, architecture, landscapes or still life images, Maya Kulenovic’s focus is to capture an ambience or psychological state. She deliberately explores ambiguity, and in her approach to the painted surface, she works in glazed layers as well as destructive techniques to create images evoking a particular atemporal context. […]

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Saša Džino

HORROR, SEX AND PUNK Saša Džino is an illustrator and a writer. His source of inspiration are, among others : “drawing, surrealism, John Carpenter, Frank Henenlotter, horror, exploitation films, Clive Barker, Richard Matheson, David Cronenberg, comedy, bees, René Magritte, pencils, zombies, Robert Crumb, sex, Paul Verhoeven, punk…” Saša Džino has published a collection of horrific […]

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