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Valerie Galloway

PHOTOGRAPHER AND WATERCOLOR PAINTER Valerie Galloway is a photographer and painter. Some of Valerie Galloway’s trademark products include handmade mirrors, water color paintings on vintage dictionaries and maps, pendants, coffee toned silver gelatin prints, archival inkjet prints and assemblage jars. The photographs are staged images of woman or landscapes and cityscapes from New York, Paris […]

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Leslie Ann O’Dell

VAMPIRES AND LOST SOULS Leslie Ann O’Dell is a self-taught contemporary artist from Denver, Colorado, who uses photography and digital manipulation to produce haunting portraits. Inspired by the “subconscious, empathy for the wrong, [and] people who dream,” her imagery is both delicate and disturbing. Sensual bodies explode into floral arrangements resembling viscera and dripping blood, […]

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Jason Limon

A HIDDEN MESSAGE Jason Limon is a painter and sculptor that was born in San Antonio, Texas: “Over time I have explored a range of subjects, from ideas based on nature to otherworldly beings. As I progress through my work there is one field where I started and tend to gravitate toward the most: history. […]

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Hannah Faith Yata

ANTHROPOMORPHIC AND PSYCHEDELIC CREATURES In her own work, Hannah Faith Yata seeks to interweave political ideas, environmental degradation and themes of moral injustice into increasingly chaotic paintings. She uses masks from a mix of other cultures to speak to the different relationships that native tribes and cultures have with the earth, while giving anthropomorphic qualities […]

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Erik Thor Sandberg

A HUMAN NATURE INHERENTLY FLAWED Using symbolism both established and personal, Erik Thor Sandberg creates narratives without definitive beginnings or ends; he captures pivotal moments and isolates them from time. Upon these suspended moments, the artist abstains from casting judgment and rather, empathizes with the figures that are often transfixed by self-wrought disaster. Traditionally, Sandberg’s […]

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Jessica Stoller

A BEWILDERING FEMINITY Jessica Stoller uses clay and the grotesque as a vehicle to explore the constructed world of idealized femininity, gathering imagery across cultural lines and histories. The clay is sculpted, draped, carved, woven, and piped to create a wide range of bewildering effects. Porcelain is her primary medium, a historically weighted material that […]

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