Day: 1 September 2021


Andrey Surnov

A COMPASSIONATE REALISM In the modern art of neorealism of the era of metamodernism, a mood is clearly captured, which is gradually becoming mainstream. I would call this direction the art of intimate reality or the art of compassionate realism. Andrey Surnov is his bright and consistent representative. It is unlikely that someone before Andrey […]

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Liu Baojun

WOMEN SMOKING Born in China’s north-east Liaoning province, Liu Baojun has become a rising star in mainland China’s contemporary art scene. Liu Baojun’s work typically features portraits of Chinese women. But if you are imagining “petite” women striking delicate, ladylike poses then you would be very mistaken. The women in these images anything but “petite” […]

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Xaviera López

A PERSONNAL INNER JOURNEY Xaviera López is a Chilean Artist and Animator. She has stretched the limited possibilities of short format videos through meticulous hard work and visual flair, producing linear animations of simplified self-portraits inspired by her personal inner journey: “In my work, I show the process through which I figure things out, which […]

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Lucy Hardie

DEATH AND DARKNESS AS CATALYST FOR TRANSFORMATION Lucy Hardie is an Australian artist best known for her meticulously rendered ink drawings on cotton paper. Through a devotion to the creation of beauty, a fascination with death and darkness as catalysts for transformation and new life, and the portrayal of story and symbol as a means […]

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Michael Waraksa

AN ORGANIZED DISORDER Michael Waraksa’s collages are best described as organized disorder. The elements are laid out in complement to a recurring grid backdrop, but although there is an unexpected harmony that ties them all together, they are spread across the page with an arbitrary but intentional chaos. Waraksa uses many disparate pieces, taken from […]

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Jessica Harrison

TATTOOED OR MACABRE BUT DELICATE As part of a new body of sculptural work, artist Jessica Harrison has created a series of delicate porcelain figurines depicting idealized women in ball gowns, with one glaring difference from the collectibles found in your grandmother’s curio: each sculpture is covered neck to wrist in ornate sailor tattoos. This […]

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