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Alicia McFadzean

A COLOURFUL DANCE BETWEEN REALISM AND ABSTRACTION Working under the moniker Cheeky Observer, Alicia McFadzean is a contemporary artist originally from Australia, now based in South Africa. Magical in flavour, Alicia works across a variety of media to produce fine art, murals, and letter-centric artworks. Guided heavily by her imagination, she draws inspiration from intangible […]

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Jamy van Zyl

A POST-HUMANISM Drawing on Japanese drawing traditions mixed with South African Culture, the work of Jamy van Zyl connects the tensions and troubles felt in these communities, but smashes them head on with all their surrounding glory and wonderment. “I would describe my work as self-expressive. My first major theme that I am still creating […]

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Tertia du Toit

LA “JOIE DE VIVRE” Trough a lyrical focus on the female figure, Tertia du Toit evokes a sense of joyous sensuality in life itself. Not cluttered with impenetrable symbolism or unsolved obsessions, her works are a classic invitation to take part in a contemporary “joie de vivre”. In a visually oversaturated age she has managed […]

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