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Vladan Nikolic

CARICATURES AND BLACK HUMOR Vladan Nikolić is a versatile creator. He shines as a cartoonist, illustrator, painter, animator and graphic designer. In his caricatures and illustrations, Nikolić discovers the truth about our contemporary society. He is a cool assessor of the situation and committed resistance fighter, but never crosses the line of lasciviousness, does not […]

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Pawel Pacholec

EMPHASIS AND AESTHETICS Pawel Pacholec: “I work with collage technique putting much emphasis on composition and esthetic outcome where each element is placed carefully into position. I have been exhibited in many countries and been published in different magazines. I have studied arts in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (Poland). My influences are […]

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Alicia McFadzean

A COLOURFUL DANCE BETWEEN REALISM AND ABSTRACTION Working under the moniker Cheeky Observer, Alicia McFadzean is a contemporary artist originally from Australia, now based in South Africa. Magical in flavour, Alicia works across a variety of media to produce fine art, murals, and letter-centric artworks. Guided heavily by her imagination, she draws inspiration from intangible […]

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Buket Akboyun

THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF HUMANS Buket Akboyun: “In my works i mostly try to showcase the spiritual side of humans and help them feel more connected to their own spirit. In the end of the day i believe we all come from an energy source and i try to highlight that in my artwork.” Discover […]

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Ekaterina Kovzus

SYMMETRY AND EXAGGERATION, GROTESQUE BUT REALISM Ekaterina Kovzus: “The most important thing in my philosophy as an artist and as a person is the need to constantly change, look for something new and apply it. No fear, just madness and courage! many of my works are still based on various abstract fantasies that I develop […]

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Michael Waraksa

AN ORGANIZED DISORDER Michael Waraksa’s collages are best described as organized disorder. The elements are laid out in complement to a recurring grid backdrop, but although there is an unexpected harmony that ties them all together, they are spread across the page with an arbitrary but intentional chaos. Waraksa uses many disparate pieces, taken from […]

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