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A LIGHT IN BLACK AND WHITE Soman is a freelance illustrator in the Republic of Korea: “The light that glitters and then disappear, light that bursts, and light that becomes cloudy. The light that remains in my memory is drawn in black and white.” [Source: Behance] Discover more about Soman on Behance ALL IMAGES © […]

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Lifo Kim

THE TROPHIES OF LIFE AND DEATH Lifo Kim is an illustrator and tattoo artist based in South Korea. Each illustration features broken objects, burning candles, sacrificial knives, royal skulls, opium pipes or chiseled chess pieces, carefully exposed like the trophies of a cabinet of curiosities. In this place, oriental deities seems to haunt shadows creatures:  […]

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Henn Kim

BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASIES Henn Kim describes her illustrations as “beautiful dark twisted fantasies.” And they are. She depicts powerful stories using just black and white lines, juxtaposing objects in unusual ways. Some themes reappear, such as nature, space, relationships and hazy depictions of young women. Henn’s ability to capture complicated emotions in her illustrations […]

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Dani Soon

THE NATURAL PART OF A BIG CITY Dani Soon was born in a small remote town in Korea. Living in such a remote town meant there was not much to do, so books and drawing became her biggest pastime enjoyment. The rustic environment had a critical impact on her decision to be an artist. At […]

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Kim Byungkwan

DESTROY AND RECONSTRUCT Kim Byungkwan: “What I would like to express through my work is very simple. I am trying to bring out strangeness from familiarity (visual habit). Everything there is out there in this world, more or less, provides familiar vision. However it shuts down all the other possibilities. The habitual vision or visual […]

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Seungyea Park

A STUDY OF FEAR Korean artist Seungyea Park – also known as Spunky Zoe – creates detailed mixed-media works that combine drawing and painting. Heavily stippled with a ball-point pen, the isolated figures centered on Park’s blank backgrounds resemble forms distorted by television static or gray, marble statues in a Gothic church — an apt […]

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