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Andreea Anghel

ORGANIC DRAWINGS Andreea “Cigaro” Anghel is a Bachelor of Graphic Arts born in Romania. She’s a visual artist who manipulates photos, paints and draws on various surfaces with all kinds of materials. For the installation project “Damaged People”, the need for branches is supported by wanting to project the inner self of her models outside […]

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Gheorghe Miron

THE OTHER SIDE OF DAILY EVENTS Gheorghe Miron’s work explores the other side of daily events with a frank portrayal of the private goings on of civilian lives. The subjects in which many of his paintings revolve around deal with the naked underbelly of society and consciousness. Themes are prevalent in his work and vary […]

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Adrian Borda

TOO MUCH TIME FOR INTROSPECTION Adrian Borda is a surrealist painter born in Reghin, Romania, who does not want to make any compromises when it comes to his art. Inspired by the raw images that he finds deep down in his subconscious, he manages to unravel his own struggles with the precision of a psychodynamic […]

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