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Ma Jing Hu

A BRUSHSTROKE-FREE STYLE Ma Jing Hu, a Chinese artist based in Nanjing, creates realistic paintings of classical beauty and Chinese political upheaval in contemporary times. His works are not quite hyperrealistic; instead, they recall a realism existent in the flat, brushstroke-free styles of the Neo-Classical and Baroque periods. In addition to his technical preferences, Ma […]

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Ling Jian

HYPERREAL WOMENLing Jian was born in Shandong, China. Drawing from preconceived notions of female beauty and Chinese identity, Ling Jian’s portraits of women are both hyperreal and exaggerated.Ling moved from China to Europe in the late 1980s, a geographical transition which led to the artist’s experimentation with the body and performance art. Ling circles his […]

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Liu Bao Jun

Women and smokeBorn in China’s north-east Liaoning province, Liu Bao Jun has become a rising star in mainland China’s contemporary art scene. Liu Bao Jun’s work typically features portraits of Chinese women. But if you are imagining petite women striking delicate, ladylike poses then you would be very mistaken. The women in these images anything […]

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