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Crystal Wall Lancaster

ELONGATED WOMEN Born in Toronto, Ontario, Crystal Wall Lancaster is a concept illustrator and digital painter. “Round faces framing extravagant eyes, pouted lips replacing chins, and very long necks adorn the fanciful, elongated female visions of this former animator who has returned to her roots.” [Don Carlitos Pop Impulse] Pursuing her fascination with pinup art, […]

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John Clowder

DADAIST CURIOSITIES “If art is dead remix is its rebirth! Collage is not insemination, but reanimation. Its tools of production having more in common with those of Jack the Ripper than the fey artist. In the circle of life of the creative world, collage artists are the endearing scavengers. We scour the public domain like […]

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Bonni Reid

WHAT IS HIDDEN BENEATH THE SURFACE Being raised as an only child of parents two generations older allowed Bonni Reid plenty of time for discovering all of the skeletons in the closets.  She is still discovering, recording and referencing them today. Combining her knowledge of illustration and cartoon-friendly sense of humour with a love of […]

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Maya Kulenovic

THE DEFINING AND DESTROYING ELEMENTS Whether with portraits, architecture, landscapes or still life images, Maya Kulenovic’s focus is to capture an ambience or psychological state. She deliberately explores ambiguity, and in her approach to the painted surface, she works in glazed layers as well as destructive techniques to create images evoking a particular atemporal context. […]

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Anthony Gerace

NO SYSTEM, NO SYSTEMATIZATION… Anthony Gerace is a Canadian artist residing in London. His work is primarily concerned with the effect of time on objects and images: “Collage is, traditionally, a medium resistant to systems. The overarching conceit of the form, that of taking images of the past and reconfiguring them into new artworks, seems […]

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Sandra Chevrier

NEITHER SEDUCERS NOR VICTIMS Sandra Chevrier is a Canadian contemporary artist, known for her captivating collaged portraits of women from The Cages series. As a self-taught artist, Sandra Chevrier first fell in love with art as a kid, expressing her emotions through pencil drawing. At first, she draw sketches of eyes, all the time. This […]

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