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FROM VICTORIAN ERA TO THE PIN-UP ART Undisputed protagonists of Handiedan‘s sculptural digital and hand-cut collages, her artwork immediately recall the burlesque genre, with the female subject looks like something in between an orientally adorned femme fatale from a film noir, a sexually joyful pin-up from a 1950’s calendar and a tattooed rockabilly gal. However […]

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Kenne Grégoire

IN THE COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE “Painting is the utmost devious and inefficient way to capture your ideas and emotions. But exactly that, the deviousness and many limitations that come with it, make the outdated art of painting so intriguing.” The Art of Kenne Grégoire contains next to still lives also buildings, landscapes and theatre shows from […]

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Angelique Houtkamp

TATTOOS FROM THE ROARING TWENTIES Angelique Houtkamp is a Dutch artist and tattooist. She mixes classic old school tattoo imagery with mythological dreams, anthropomorphised creatures, nautical iconography, and haunting Hollywood romance, with her distinctive painterly magic and eye for style. Outré Gallery has published two monographs on Angelique: Tattoo Darling and Tattoo Mystique. Angelique Houtkamp […]

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Tamara Muller

THE CONFLICTING INSTINCTS OF DOMESTICITY AND DOMINATION “Although themes of power, submission and animalistic tendencies are still central to the work they are now located partly in the public world of politics and media, and less exclusively in the private, inner world of the artist Tamara Muller. The painting no longer focuses chiefly on the […]

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Christiaan Lieverse

WHEN TEXTURES BECOMES A PART OF A STORY Christiaan Lieverse, an artist out of Eindhoven, Holland, makes use of unusual and unexpected materials as canvases for his works. Asphalt, cowhide, carpet and curtain fabrics are just a few examples of the many types of materials Lieverse uses. The variety of textures becomes a part of […]

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Jantina Peperkamp

AN OBSERVER AND COMMENTATOR Jantina Peperkamp is a self-taught artist from Holland, painting incredibly realistic portraits. She rather sees herself as an observer who tries to recognize herself in her models to ultimately create a self-portrait. Describing her creative process she explains:  “A photo shoot takes place. After that a sketch is made, which is […]

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