Day: 1 September 2019


Angelique Houtkamp

TATTOOS FROM THE ROARING TWENTIES Angelique Houtkamp is a Dutch artist and tattooist. She mixes classic old school tattoo imagery with mythological dreams, anthropomorphised creatures, nautical iconography, and haunting Hollywood romance, with her distinctive painterly magic and eye for style. Outré Gallery has published two monographs on Angelique: Tattoo Darling and Tattoo Mystique. Angelique Houtkamp […]

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Giulio Rossi

A POP AND ICONIC WORLD Technical skills may be the must, but only passion makes the difference. The Italian graphic designer Giulio Rossi, working on his studio in L’Aquila , is no doubt a flow of passion, and his works have gained international momentum. After his initial experiments with acrylic paint, ink and charcoal, this […]

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