Category: Photography

Caryn Drexl

DEPENDING ON THE MOOD… Caryn Drexl: “I am completely self taught. Everything I know I learned through trial and error or the internet, starting back when I was a teenager and taking off more fully in my early 20’s. This whole thing really started as an emotional and mental outlet for me, therapy really, and […]

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Angelika Ejtel

A NEW BEING IN EACH PORTRAIT Angelika Ejtel: “I consider my photographic creation as a poetic experience in which I drown and infuse myself and, as a result, it gives me the feeling that I am reborn with each portrait into a new being. Although, all of my photographs are self-portraits, they shouldn’t be necessarily […]

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Ransom & Mitchell

BETWEEN COMEDY, CARNIVAL AND ILLUSION Ransom & Mitchell is a still + motion creative team in San Francisco featuring the combined talents of photographer Jason Mitchell and set designer and digital artist Stacey Ransom: “Together we create highly-detailed and visually-lush photographic-based digital art scenarios and portraits. Our work is narrative in nature and draws upon […]

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Rimel Neffati

IMAGES BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY Rimel Neffati: “I started taking pictures at the end of 2008, I learned everything by myself, I quickly realized that I could divert and capture my camera to create images beyond photography. I started by making self-portraits because it was an easy way: full control on time, ideas, (no) limits, model, and […]

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Miki Takahashi

THE HUMAN FACE FOR PROJECTION The human face, long a medium of expression for the soul, is used by Japanese photographer Miki Takahashi as a surface for projection. Through double exposure, the Toyko-based artist allows portraits of herself to reveal her inner feelings. The merged cityscapes of her “Inside” series become vessels of feeling, emotion, […]

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Sayaka Maruyama

A MULTI-LAYERED IMAGERY Sayaka Maruyama’s practice traverses the mediums of photography, film, drawings, collages, on classical Japanese references and surrealist motifs. Her work explores contradictory contemporary understandings of Japanese notions of beauty, from both Western and Eastern perspectives. Maruyama primarily gained notoriety for her Japan Avant-Garde series, in which the artist intertwined digitally manipulated images […]

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