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Leslie Ann O’Dell

VAMPIRES AND LOST SOULS Leslie Ann O’Dell is a self-taught contemporary artist from Denver, Colorado, who uses photography and digital manipulation to produce haunting portraits. Inspired by the “subconscious, empathy for the wrong, [and] people who dream,” her imagery is both delicate and disturbing. Sensual bodies explode into floral arrangements resembling viscera and dripping blood, […]

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Rimel Neffati

IMAGES BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY Rimel Neffati: “I started taking pictures at the end of 2008, I learned everything by myself, I quickly realized that I could divert and capture my camera to create images beyond photography. I started by making self-portraits because it was an easy way: full control on time, ideas, (no) limits, model, and […]

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Esperanza Manzanera “Velmock”

PHOTOIMAGINATION Esperanza Manzanera Ferrandiz – aka Velmock – is a philosophy teacher living in Granada, Spain. Despite her work being photography based, Esperanza does not consider herself a photographer but rather a visual artist. Her art, which she dubs Photoimagination, is a combination of digital collage, texture effects and other composite elements which she applies […]

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Dennis Ziliotto

COMBINATION OF BIZARRE AND FANTASY Dennis Ziliotto shares that “taking pictures has become something that goes beyond the simple realization of images”. With the idea that “photography can gently whisper a story or irreverently scream it,” Ziliotto gives us a taste of everything this medium has to offer. His photos can be daring and odd […]

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July Andrea Fandiño

THE CONDITION OF HUMAN IMPERFECTION July Andrea Fandiño – aka Nandrysha: “My work as a plastic artist is developed around a constant sensitive exercise of transfiguration, which starts from the fascination I find for the nature of the being and its condition of human imperfection. Each of my pieces is a process of individual transformation, […]

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Reisinger Zsuzsanna

THE NOSTALGIC MOMENT Reisinger Zsuzsanna, born in Budapest, Hungary, is a self-taught photographer. Photography, especially portraits inspired by femininity, is a kind of time travel into which she wants to involve the viewers. She loves to make experiments and learn new techniques. She creates headdresses, hats, and all other accessories with her own hands. Zsuzsanna […]

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