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Michal Mozolewski

DISTORTED PHOTOGRAPHS Combining photography and painting, Polish-based artist Michał Mozolewski creates intriguing portraits of mysterious-looking subjects. The effect that the artist’s technique has on the mood of the work is dramatic. Diffused and distorted photographs combined with Mozolewski’s erratic marks make for a haunting and grotesque portraits that are dreamlike at the same time. There’s […]

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Rik Garrett

THE VISIBLE AND THE INVISIBLE Over the years, Rik Garrett found the historical connections between his seemingly divergent interests: the medium of photography being married to esoteric studies throughout history via spirit photography, thoughtography, Radionics and Parapsychology. Drawing on the historical precedent of the apparently static realm of analog photography having been used to document […]

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Rimel Neffati

IMAGES BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY Rimel Neffati: “I started taking pictures at the end of 2008, I learned everything by myself, I quickly realized that I could divert and capture my camera to create images beyond photography. I started by making self-portraits because it was an easy way: full control on time, ideas, (no) limits, model, and […]

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Adam Nigro

A TASTY LIFE Based in Montréal, Canada, Adam Nigro is a commercial advertising photographer specializing in food, beverage and product imagery. Adam’s visual style is characterized by a bold, colourful signature combined with thoughtful staging, meticulous lighting, and oftentimes a hint of sarcasm to create images that leave a lasting impact on the viewer. Drawing […]

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Victoria Audouard

A VISUAL RABBIT HOLE OF WHIMSY The photography of Victoria Audouard has the effect of lulling you deeper and deeper into a visual rabbit hole of whimsy. The aesthetic she explores in much of her work captures the essence of a series of fairy tales all her own. As a native of France she combines […]

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Javier Molina Barrios

TO BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN PHOTOGRAPHY AND PAINTING Javier Molina: “I realise that my unconscious effort is to bridge the gap between traditional photography and traditional painting. The operative words here are ‘traditional’ and ‘bridge the gap’. An art critic placed this final estate into the category of Magic Realism, a term which is commonly […]

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