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Diego Max

ART AND ANATOMY The art of Diego Max highlights the strong relationship between two aspects, art and anatomy. Excited with the medical illustration and the anatomical images found in books, Diego manages to transcend the magnitude of the human body into a fascinating brand new universe and lead us to a unique enchantment. Inspired by […]

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Tiago Hoisel

A GAME OF PROPORTIONS Tiago Hoisel: “When I was 14, I discovered the caricatures world though the work of a caricaturist named Ique, who used to have his work published in Veja, which is the major circulation magazine in Brazil. I got really delighted for caricatures and from there I started to draw every day. […]

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Nathália Suellen

A POP-SURREALISM AND RETRO FUTURISM Nathália Suellen is a contemporary fine artist and illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Entirely self-taught, Suellen’s developed a distinctive visual language from a combination of dark art and pop-surrealism. Her current artworks are born from a high-detailed mixture of photography, 3D and digital painting showing a signature style […]

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João Ruas

A CRYPTIC SYMBOLISM João Ruas paints a haunting world inhabited by enigmatic figures and regal beasts awash in a maelstrom of mysterious energies. His explorations of the darker realms of the spirit evoke states of emotional turmoil, spiritual hunger and troubled passion. Weaving together history, mythology and cryptic symbolism in a misty dreamscape where twilight […]

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