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Stas Santimov

[DOGFACED 360°] MACABRE AND NUANCED ANIMATIONS Stas Santimov: “Most of all my art style was influenced by animation directors Priit Pärn, Bill Plympton, Igor Kovalev… I almost do not make sketches/character designs and keep all needed visual stuff in my head; except when I work in a team with other people and I need to […]

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Ruslan Onishchenko

PAINTINGS IN VICTORIAN ORNAMENTS Artist Ruslan Onishchenko – a.k.a. Jean Ro – works mainly with oil on wood decorating self-made “Victorian” furniture with an illusive world full of divine characters. [Source: Designcollector] Discover more about Ruslan Onishchenko in Behance ALL IMAGES © RUSLAN ONISHCHENKO

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Dasha Pliska

OBSCURE AND INTRIGUING FACES Dasha Pliska creates obscure and intriguing pieces always focusing on female human faces surrounded by beautifully intricate frames and halos, partially hidden by flowers or intentionally left incomplete, obscured. She was born in Odessa, Ukraine, where she currently still lives and works. Her hometown has largely shaped her world with its […]

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Artem Rogowoi

OIL AND GOLD LEAF Artem Rogowoi’s oil and gold leaf paintings offer quiet, yet rich moments. The artist’s rendering of elements such as hair or a bed of leaves carry unexpected textures. And each carries a fantastical quality, even when packed with everyday elements. [Source: Hi Fructose] Discover more about Artem Rogowoi in Instagram and […]

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Olha Akasi

THE CLARITY OF APPEARANCE “For our so-called post-human society, where not only “God is dead”, but also, together with him, man is, Olha (or Olga) Akasi as an artist (and, mainly, as a portraitist) gives a rebirth to the human. This idea is reflected brilliantly in Akasi’s images which we may call “phainomena”, or those […]

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Yana Movchan

EVOCATIVE AND DREAMLIKE PAINTINGS Yana Movchan’s sublime mastery of the technique and structure of Renaissance painting combines with the instinctive symbolism of ‘magical realism’ to create a personal neo-realist idiom. Her work is formal, yet playful; contemporary, yet timeless; and joyous, yet mysterious, evocative and dreamlike. In Yana’s paintings, the intellectual and the emotional synthesize […]

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