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Rachel Ann Stevenson

DREAM SCENES Rachel Ann Stevenson is a talented British artist and sculptor, known for her figurative bronze and mixed media sculptures which portray various characters from the world of literature. The artist combines her sculptures with elements of taxidermy and antique glass domes, in order to create eerie and elegant pieces of art. Stevenson is […]

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Ryo Arai

JAPANESE CHIMERAS Japanese ancient folklore is a mystical world of monsters, ghosts and goblins. Sculpture artist Ryo Arai reveals its dark secrets with his surprisingly lifelike characters. The seductive spider woman is named Jorogumo, a type of ghost or goblin that was a well-known figure in Edo fables. Legend has it that this creature would […]

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Jessica Stoller

A BEWILDERING FEMINITY Jessica Stoller uses clay and the grotesque as a vehicle to explore the constructed world of idealized femininity, gathering imagery across cultural lines and histories. The clay is sculpted, draped, carved, woven, and piped to create a wide range of bewildering effects. Porcelain is her primary medium, a historically weighted material that […]

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Javier Marín

THE MAJESTY OF EMOTION Javier Marín is a Mexican sculptor. During his artistic beginnings he used only clay, but shortly after, he began incorporating​ bronze and experimenting with new materials. Polyester resin mixed with various organic ingredients like tobacco, soil, amaranth seeds, rose petals and dry meat fibers became familiar aspects of his work. His […]

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Liu Xue

HYBRID BEINGS Chinese sculptor Liu Xue combines a human with an animal, creating a hybrid being. Each being has a human head with animal appendage (or appendages). A man is merged with a pig, a woman with a chicken, a man with a dog, and more.The result is something we haven’t seen before, one that […]

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Jessica Harrison

TATTOOED OR MACABRE BUT DELICATE As part of a new body of sculptural work, artist Jessica Harrison has created a series of delicate porcelain figurines depicting idealized women in ball gowns, with one glaring difference from the collectibles found in your grandmother’s curio: each sculpture is covered neck to wrist in ornate sailor tattoos. This […]

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