Day: 12 September 2020


Amanda Mason

A SENSE OF STORYTELLING Amanda Mason is a freelance photographer and designer working in Sydney, Australia. She creates dream-like, evocative images using expired Polaroid films and new instant films from The Impossible Project. Amanda creates and shoots created scenarios, sometimes whimsical, sometimes twisted, but always intriguing and with a sense of storytelling. Inspired by nature, […]

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Stas Santimov

[DOGFACED 360°] MACABRE AND NUANCED ANIMATIONS Stas Santimov: “Most of all my art style was influenced by animation directors Priit Pärn, Bill Plympton, Igor Kovalev… I almost do not make sketches/character designs and keep all needed visual stuff in my head; except when I work in a team with other people and I need to […]

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Dolce Paganne

A SLEEP PARALYSIS Dolce Paganne a.k.a Ceren Aksungur is an Istanbul origin artist based in Antwerp, Belgium. Artist focus in her surreal drawings on the “sinister” aspect that reside in the details of daily life. Obsessed with the hypnotic aspects of geometric forms, she loves constructing her work originated from a feeling like “sleep paralysis”, […]

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