Category: Digital Art

Crystal Wall Lancaster

ELONGATED WOMEN Born in Toronto, Ontario, Crystal Wall Lancaster is a concept illustrator and digital painter. “Round faces framing extravagant eyes, pouted lips replacing chins, and very long necks adorn the fanciful, elongated female visions of this former animator who has returned to her roots.” [Don Carlitos Pop Impulse] Pursuing her fascination with pinup art, […]

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Esperanza Manzanera “Velmock”

PHOTOIMAGINATION Esperanza Manzanera Ferrandiz – aka Velmock – is a philosophy teacher living in Granada, Spain. Despite her work being photography based, Esperanza does not consider herself a photographer but rather a visual artist. Her art, which she dubs Photoimagination, is a combination of digital collage, texture effects and other composite elements which she applies […]

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July Andrea Fandiño

THE CONDITION OF HUMAN IMPERFECTION July Andrea Fandiño – aka Nandrysha: “My work as a plastic artist is developed around a constant sensitive exercise of transfiguration, which starts from the fascination I find for the nature of the being and its condition of human imperfection. Each of my pieces is a process of individual transformation, […]

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A MYSTERIOUS ARTIST This anonymous artist combines textbook science imagery with an Art Nouveau style with to achieve a strangely romantic look at the human form. FFO Art gives us little information about who he or she is but responds actively to questions and answers if you become curious to know more. I will leave […]

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Dawid Planeta

FEAR: THE WORST OR THE BEST ALLY Fear can be the best friend or the worst ally of a person. The Polish artist and graphic designer, Dawid Planeta, has transformed his fear, or rather his depression, in illustrated animals with eyes full of lights, apparently frightening, huge animals, whose eyes hides something more than a […]

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Vladimir Fedotko

A BURLESQUE ROMANTICISM Talented Russian photographer Vladimir Fedotko lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he was born. He has been mastering the profession of the painter, photographer and romantic parasite at different periods of his life. Vladimir Fedotko became familiar with Photoshop started in 2005. Since then, the artist has combined traditional drawing, […]

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