Mariana Palova

[Voices of Power: a study of Ectoplasm]


Mariana Palova is a young Mexican woman born in 1990. She finds in the positive, living and colorful metamorphosis her own cosmogony essence. She plays with the transformation and the influence of experiences, surrounding herself of an aura, and having special devotion to the nature elements, analogies, the substitution, human monsters and the astrologic environment.
Her work has been slipped quickly for important art social circles, rejected and loved for equal, evoking a sensitive artwork, overflowing of passion and philosophy of life based in the beauty of human metamorphosis and the charming of his imagination, avoiding a sick and grotesque world.

[Source: Atistaday]

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[Ley de Campoamor]

[A grave of mist]

[Envilecidas como hienas miramos la espesura del cielo]

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