Cristina Francov

francov_01Cristina Francov is part of a larger resurgence of occult, esoteric, and folkloric themed works within the fine art world. Allison Meier at Hyperallergic (in the web) notes that the “undercurrent of the occult in culture ripples back to the surface of our collective consciousness” and that we are enjoying high point in “a periodic surge in fascination with the unknowable, the rites, rituals, and art that make up its history”. Certainly, Pam Grossman’s excellent blog Phantasmaphile is clear evidence of this renewed interest, as it reports on and reviews a growing number of artists and exhibitions that focus on esoteric subjects. Grossman is also an associate editor of the journal Abraxas, which spotlights many of these artists, including Cristina Francov.

[Source: The Wild Hunt]

According to Cristina Francov: “Magic in Life is obvious and manifest when you exist within its Nature, its Order and Countenance. It is not to be partaken of without balance or faith: the magic of these images pulsates in potentiality just as the magic in everyday life, and it is only perceptible to those with open senses to contemplate, believe and live it.” Cristina Francov was born in Aguascalientes and live in Mexico city. [Adjacent image: ‘La loca Sofia’]

Discover more about Cristina Francov in her website


[Para la ceremonia]

[El Trigono de las lesiones]

[El compromiso]

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