Alan Padilla


Born in Hidalgo, Estado de Mexico, Alan Padilla moved to the United States. He started drawing when he was a young man. He acquired his talent from his mom who was a painter and his dad who worked as an architect. As a teenager, Alan had a rebel spirit and even used to play in a punk band. He was encouraged by one of his neighbors to start tattooing. He soon started working at various tattoo shops and perfected his craft. His “charra” paintings were influenced from his hometown in Mexico. As a kid, his town was used a lot to film soap operas, due to all the old buildings and many actors in the soaps would dress up in outfits from the Mexican Revolucion. “I hope my art takes me to the moon” says Alan jokingly. Alan’s shop, Ink Addicts, is located in San Pedro, California. The shop is fixed up like a gallery with artwork from artists known worldwide.

[Source: Lowrider]

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