Esperanza Manzanera “Velmock”

[Hands or flowers?]


Esperanza Manzanera Ferrandiz – aka Velmock – is a philosophy teacher living in Granada, Spain. Despite her work being photography based, Esperanza does not consider herself a photographer but rather a visual artist. Her art, which she dubs Photoimagination, is a combination of digital collage, texture effects and other composite elements which she applies to her photos: “I started doing small photo montages in Photoshop for my work as a teacher and, little by little, I was building my skill in using it. The division between pure photographers and digital artists is rapidly blurring; in fact, more and more photography contests have a section devoted to creativity and admit all kinds of effects and manipulation of images.

[Source: Twisting Pixels]

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[Vértigo versión 2]

[Now I'm a Window]

[La rieur aux bokeh et étoiles]

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