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ALOA_Canton_05The luminous side of Mar Cantón

My name is Mar Cantón (aka Kiki), I was born in Almería in 1971. My family roots are in Cádiz and I live in Seville. I am therefore a ‘Maritime Southener’. I learnt about Art by creating Art. I am self-taught. A cronic and degenerative disease has kept me away from the marketplace and Art – in all its forms – is undoubtedly my best therapy as well as my Life, past, present and future. I create from feelings and dreams that are born within me.
Mar Cantón has a reputation for being as dark as a cockcroach, sinister, even… “They call it ‘Dark’ nowadays”, she emphasizes.  “Tsk… I do not enjoy all kinds of dark art by default, what I do enjoy is the works, or the artists, who strive to cry out loud SOMETHING that comes from deep within…  It could be better said like this:  rather than enjoying all ‘Dark Art’, per se, what I like is ‘The Dark Side of Artists’.” She spent a long time absorbing art on the net, discovering hundreds of new artists and new techniques. Until, approximately two years ago (in 2014), ‘collage’ caught her attention, as she puts it: “I hardly knew about this world…  and it proved immense... I then encounter virtual censorship: ‘For the greater glory of God’, ‘Ad maiorem Dei gloriam 01’ and ‘Ad maiorem Dei gloriam 02, St. Agatha’ are its fruits.  I felt really inspired by the faces and the stances of Our Ladies of Sorrow in the Seville Baroque imagery (it is the one I know best).  The first instance was a ‘Facebook pornography report’ from a ‘die-hard’ Catholic, and the second on the reply to the report, ‘Nipple-less’.  All this absurd return of censorship, which is so damaging to art and culture, seems to me a perfect reflection of the world we live in and where we are heading… straight to hell.  No doubt about it.” [Image above : ‘The Chimera’ / ‘Faith’]
Interview by Dejamehablar13 and Jota Pego, published in Cóctel Demente on Abr 6th, 2016, translated into English by Javier Farrugia.

[Source: Cóctel Demente]

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[Dollhouse / Moth Lover]

[Ad maiorem Dei gloriam (A.M.D.G.)]

[The Great Lie, Loss and Liberation]

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